Business Solutions - Solution for All

Business Solutions - Solution for All

Digi Track is an electronic device which when connected to your phone or laptop offers you with amazing tracking, maintenance, motion management, logistics and many more solutions.

Radio Cabs Management Solution
DigiTrack caters to all the needs of the radio cab drivers starting from identification of the customers, tracking their location, to automatic dispatch based on the business intelligence. Technologies like GPS, GIS, GPRS, and information technology features are installed in the device in order to ensure safe tracking of the vehicles and the customers.

BPO Employees transportation system
DigiTrack offers you with the peace of your mind. All the aspects of the transport operations including routing, billing, and rostering are managed by the device. The system comes with an amazing fleet management system which analyzes the vehicle productivity and offers managerial tools for better operation.

Logistics Management
DigiTrack offers the best logistics management feature to the business holders. From the first pickup to the last delivery, all can be managed using DigiTrack. It excels in optimizing the entire supply chain with its wonderful technology. It also generates alertness in order to make sure that the products get delivered on time. It makes handling of multiple jobs easier.

School Bus Management Solution
DigiTrack offers amazing school bus management solution to the customers. Now maintenance of the information of the school vehicles has become much easier with this integrated software application. Right routes are generated in order to save fuel of the vehicle as well as the time of the students. This tool is integrated with mapping features to make the finding of the routes easier and making the efficiency optimum.

Tours & Travels Fleet Management Solution
DigiTrack is an outstanding solution for the tours and travel companies. The system is installed with GPS integrated software and an excellent fleet management system. You can track your fleet in the real-time with just the help of the wireless technology.

Hospital Management Solution
DigiTrack is an excellent software which offers the best hospital management solution. It has now become much easier to track the hospital vans and ambulances in order to make sure that the patient reaches the hospital in time. It also finds the right routes to save time.

Refrigerator Van Management Solution
DigiTrack is a wonderful software offering the best refrigerator van management solution to the clients. You can get minute by minute temperature reports while your truck is on road. It is useful for easy transportation of the refrigerated products.